Bennett Goes Big at the Winter Teva Mountain Games

A big congrats to TMS-sponsored telemark skier and Truckee resident Bennett Drummond, who competed in the inaugural Winter Teva Mountain Games Telemark Big Air last weekend in Vail, Colorado. Two days after the comp, Outside magazine blogged about the Games, with Bennett headlining: “13-Year-Old Bennett Drummond Wows Winter Teva Mountain Games.” We caught up with him post-comp—after he caught up with his homework first—to see how it went. Hear it from the man himself:

What can you tell us about the comp? Outside reported you hucked “a 70-foot gap and launching over a raging fireball produced by a gigantic blow torch on a course shared by freestyle snow bikers.” Wow.

The gap was intimidating and the take off was way too lippy, but it was cool watching the other competitors throw down sweet tricks. The bikers were insane! I did 360s with different grabs and one 720.

How did you stand up against the competition?

I won the “Random Act of Radness” award, $100 from the Vail Valley Foundation for being the youngest competitor in the event.

What was your favorite part about the Telemark Big Air?

My favorite part was meeting & skiing with all the other competitors and watching them land new tricks.

What was it like to see your name headlining Outside’s blog?

It was exciting to see it and unexpected.

Why do you like freestyle telemarking? What are the challenges you have telemarking versus alpine skiing in freestyle comps?

I like it because it’s different and more challenging (and probably easier to fall on the landings). I think it’s more fluid and fun to watch than alpine.

What’s up next for you competition wise?

I am going to compete at Grand Targhee for a telemark big mountain comp this weekend and then Crested Butte in March for the telemark extreme championships.

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