Got A Kuhl Pants Story?

Kuhl Makes the Kuhlest Pants Ever

Kuhl Tiger – photo from Kuhl’s Facebook Page

Kuhl clothing is made out of tough yet comfortable materials that stand up to the rigors of the outdoors without being stiff or rough. Kuhl clothing is perfect for long days on the trail or on the rock. All their pants feature a blend of cotton and synthetic materials to give you the best feel, durability, temperature and moisture regulation. Crotch gussets and unique patterns mean unrestricted movement that won’t pull or bind. Check out this video where we talk to Top Kuhl Designer Kevin Boyle about how Kuhl Pants are constructed.

Kuhl Tough – photo from Kuhl’s Facebook Page
Kuhl Pants at Tahoe Mountain Sports
A close-up of one of the Kuhl clothing racks at Tahoe Mountain Sports.

Here are just a few of the Kuhl products we carry at Tahoe Mountain Sports:

The Kuhl Feevr Shirt is a great everyday shirt for both the office and the outdoors. UPF 30 sun protection, plus odor control so your stink doesn’t stick.

Kuhl Revolvr Pants are tough, durable pants for both the adventurer and the traveler. With the strength of nylon blended into an Oxford cotton weave, they feel cool and comfortable like cotton, but last even longer.

Kuhl Slackr Pants look like casual work pants, but are designed to keep up with the rigors of the outdoors. Go from the office to the trail without sacrificing time to change clothes.

Kuhl Jeans are the golden pair of Kuhl pants – so comfy, versatile and awesome, they’re the ‘jeans’ of their clothing line.

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