Ignik Firecan

Putting the Ignik Firecan to the Test

One of my very dear friends was getting married in Yosemite and I thought it would be a great chance to try out the Ignik Firecan. The Firecan is a propane-powered portable campfire. I opted for the Ignik Gas Growler … Read More

Lost Coast Trail

Enjoy the smell of the ocean, walking along the beach, stunning sunrises and even better sunsets on this amazing trail. Read More

Top Three Lake Tahoe Summit Hikes for Sunrise

This summer I decided to spend a little more time outside on the off hours. There is no better place to greet the new day than from the summit! Set your alarm for about 3 am, pound down some oatmeal, slam a double espresso, and hit the road.  This way you can be on a mountain top and back to civilization before anyone knows you left. Read More