Pain McShlonkey Classic 2012

Kevin competed for the second time in the Pain McShlonkey Classic. Must-see helmet cam footage from the Chinese Downhill on snowlerblades! Read More

Deuter Aircontact Backpack on the John Muir Trail

At the end of the summer TMS hard goods manager Kevin put the new Deuter Aircontact Pro 70+15 backpack to the test over 3 weeks on the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra. Learn if this heavy-duty backpacking pack is for you in this week’s review. Read More

How Do You Take Your Camp Coffee?

Cream, sugar, black? However you take your camp coffee, Kevin walks you through the ways to make it with our inventory of coffee presses and percolators. Read More

A Guide to Backcountry Water Treatment

How to deal with creating potable water in the backcountry is about as debatable as purchasing used climbing gear. Our hard goods manager, Kevin, gives us the 101 on backcountry water treatment. Read More

Dakine Backpack Reviews

Dakine backpack reviews on our latest Dakine packs in stock from our hard goods manager, Kevin. These packs hold it all, from SLR cameras, skateboards and laptops to ice cream and “The Jerk.” Read More