Stickers, Stickers Everywhere

Why Stickers? Everybody loves to customize their water bottles, coffee cups, bumpers of their cars, rocket boxes on top of their cars and just about anything else that will hold a sticker. The best stickers on your stuff are an … Read More

Dave Polivy for Truckee Town Council

My Website Has Moved! Please visit our new site at: Hi! My name is David Polivy and I am running for a seat on the Truckee Town Council in the November 2018 election. I will be using this page … Read More

Mt. Emerson Ski Adventure

This is my favorite time of year. Days are longer, the sun is stronger and if you are ever going to be in good ski shape, it’s now! You’ve had a whole season to hike up mountains, ski as much pow as you can and prepare, for the holy grail of backcountry skiing, Spring in the Eastern Sierra! Read More

mt agassiz eastern sierra trip report

Eastern Sierra Mount Agassiz Hike Trip Report

Mount Agassiz, at 13,899 feet (4,236 m), is one of the twenty highest peaks of California and just shy of the sought after 14er summits. It’s the northernmost and easiest to climb of the major Palisades summits. The early light, mist/fog over the lakes and bright light on the ridges made for some amazing views. Best part of this hike, trail head starts above 9,000ft!! Read More