Aerobie AeroPress Review – darn good coffee

Before I dive into my Aerobie AeroPress review—complete with AeroPress instructions to ensure you use this magical espresso-maker to its potential—let me preface this with my coffee-drinking resume so you know I’m legit.

I’m pretty in to drinking coffee, especially since I’ve cultivated quite an addiction through the years. I just love the taste, warmth, smell and ritual of drinking a good cup of coffee each morning. I’m not a straight espresso drinker but I like my Americanos and lattes pure: no sugar, light cream. I’ve enjoyed everything from Turkish coffee to cappucinos in Italy to, yes, even Frappucinos and mochas from America’s coffee sweetheart. But when it comes down to it, my favorite brew is a standard Americano, and my favorite place to drink it is at home. Yet—in my pre-AeroPress days—I had trouble getting things quite right. My French press was always too bitter, my percolator cracked me out for a few hours, and friends’ coffeemakers I’d try were too weak, missing that rich espresso flavor. But then, one day, BAM! The AeroPress came my way—and it blew my mind. In a mere 30 seconds it brews some of the best espresso I’ve tasted: rich in flavor and full bodied yet easy on the stomach and nerves.

First off, the AeroPress is extremely easy to use and clean. I always dreaded cleaning my French press and percolator, often leaving the used grounds in the devices for a good 24 hours in my procrastination. With the AeroPress, once you press you’re left with a nice, tidy package (see LEFT PHOTO below) that you can just pop out into the trash by pushing the rubber plunger, which was blocked by a twist-off cap, all the way through. If you’re a reduce/reuse/recycler like me, you can even peel off the tiny filter (see RIGHT PHOTO below), pop off the “puck” of grounds, and then wash everything and reuse the paper filter.

AeroPress Instructions and Tips

Using the AeroPress is fairly simple, but there are a few tips and techniques that ensure the best brew.

1) Grind your coffee well. AeroPress recommends running your blade grinder for 20-30 seconds, or so that the coffee grounds are fine enough to stick to the sides.

2) Use 175 degree F water, not boiling. I like to boil the water, then let it sit for a good five minutes. Or sometimes I’ll boil the water, then pour it in my coffee cup to take the heat edge off fast and warm my mug up to boot.

3) Stir for 10 seconds before you plunge. It’s easy to forget this step, but don’t.

4) Use gentle pressure on the plunger. This is the secret. It should take you about 20-30 seconds to fully press. I like to give it a little extra push at the end, which imparts a slight foam on the top of the liquid.

5) Rinse everything (plunger, chamber, stir stick, cap and filter) right away (it’s easy) so you’re ready to go for round 2 (trust me, AeroPress coffee’s so good you’ll want a round 2).

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