Adventurer Of The Week: Your Photo As Our Facebook Cover Image!

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Want your photo featured as our Facebook cover image? You could be the next TMS Adventurer Of The Week! If you’ve ever bought any outdoor gear from us, we’d love to see a picture of it in-action. We don’t care if it’s a backpacking tent, headlamp, skis, disc golf driver, hiking shoes or a swimsuit; if you got it here, shout it loud and proud! Every week we’ll choose one fan’s photo to host as our Facebook cover image, then reward that fan with a free gift.


Share a photo of gear you got at TMS on our Facebook wall and tag it @tahoemountainsports. Include the brand and model name, or at least briefly describe your piece(s) of gear, so we don’t have to play any guessing games.

Each week we will choose one photo to host as our “Adventurer of the Week”, which will live at the top of our Facebook page until the next ‘adventurer’ is chosen.

Be sure to have an image sized to fit inside Facebook header space. Dimensions should be 851 px x 315 px or larger.
Image size is very important. If your image is not sized properly we will be forced to choose another fan photo. If you need help, this site will re-size your image in a few simple steps:

You must have a valid email account. If chosen, you will be asked to email the image to us, along with shipping information so we can send out your free gift. The photo you originally share on our wall can be any size, but the one we host on our page needs to be 851 x 315 pixels.

This is not a contest – it is a giveaway. There is no set judging criteria. Each Adventurer Of The Week will be chosen based on our judges’ personal preference. Images must not contain nudity, violence or profanity. Gifts will be shipped for free within the continental United States.

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