Best Trail Running Shoes of 2018

Best Trail Running Shoes for 2018 When purchasing footwear it’s important to consider a variety of factors including amount of cushion, flexibility, drop and stack height, outsole materials, and best uses/terrain.  Tahoe offers some of the world’s best conditions and terrain … Read More

Truckee Running Series Sponsors

Whether you’re running the 3 mile uphill Squaw Mountain Run, or the rugged 50K Sierra Crest Ultra Run, we can help you find the best gear for your run. Below is a look at the best products from the sponsors for our upcoming races. Read More

Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra 5 Review

I got a pair of Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra 5s early on this season and I’ve been running them through the wringer as of late. After putting 70 or so miles on them, they’ve proven to be a shoe that can handle (just about) whatever Spring trails in the Sierra want to throw their way. Read More