5 Under $50: Shane McConkey Style

This March 26th, Tahoe Mountain Sports’ own Kevin O’Hara will vie for the Golden Saucer at the Pain McSlonkey Classic, where he’ll flaunt his freestyle skills in the Extreme Snowlerblading Small Mountain Invitational, then look to crush the competition in the Snowlerblade Chinese Downhill. This is a contest of epic proportions, so we had to dedicate this month’s 5 Under $50 blog post to outfitting Kevin for the task at hand. We thought, WWSW, What Would Shane Wear, and came up with a few ideas, all under $50 of course:

1) ContourHD Mount $19.95

With the Who’s Who of Squaw Valley competing, nare a helmet will go without a camera. Everyone will be sure to capture that POV footage to dole out to sponsors and impress the world with the epicness that is snowlerblading. Though you can’t get the actual Contour helmet camera for under $50, you can buy a tricked-out rotating mount to best catch the action at any angle for just under $12.

2) Dakine Quick Tune $39.95, now on sale for $29.95

Going up against the likes of Daron Rahlves, JT Holmes, Jeremy Jones and the Gaffney brothers, Kevin needs his blades to be lightning fast. While other competitors have talked of using bacon grease and old race horses to concoct magic wax potions, we suggest that Kevin sticks with the standard tune to get his snowlerblades and saucer in top shape.

3) Dakine Tall Boy Hat $19.95

Nothing says Squaw Valley steez like a slouchy beanie. We’re thinking if Kevin throws one of these over his tousled hair, and grabs a tall boy to drink outside the Chammy, that maybe just maybe Debbie Dutton will let him buy her lunch.

4) Suncloud Standby Sunglasses $49.95

These sunglasses don’t just look good. They’re glare-fighting polarized machines. Kevin surely can’t let anything get in his way of the Golden Saucer, especially not any pesky late March sun.

5) Chinese Downhill Hat $34.95

Who needs the safety of a helmet when you can have the aerodynamic properties of a rice paddy hat? Kevin’s going to look ultra authentic in this as he crosses the finish line first on Saturday!

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear.

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