5 Under $50: Eat Thanksgiving Outside

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we expect you’re already making plans… what you’re making, where you’ll be eating, who you’ll be eating with, and so on. Why not shake things up this year by cooking and eating entirely outside? With deep-fried turkey so popular these days, the star of the show is easy to make outside. Here are our five picks, all under $50, to get you started.

1) Thermarest Travel Cushion $29.95 Fall isn’t the friendliest time for outdoor seating (snow, mud, cold park benches), so prepare for a long time at the outdoor table by bringing along this camp cushion.

2) Platypus Platypreserve $12.95 Bring your wine deep into the woods with this collapsible Platypus wine preserver that’s air tight to keep wine good for weeks.

3) Snow Peak Spork $9.95 One of our most popular camp products, the Snow Peak titanium spork combines two strong utensils in one, and you’ll never lose it with three bright colors to choose from.

4) Snow Peak GigaPower Torch $39.95 Ignite anything with ease with this portable butane torch. Use it to set cooking fires fast, then to top off your camp creme brulee for dessert!

5) Snow Peak 3 Piece Cookware Set $49.95 This titanium camp cookware set is ultralight, with folding handles for packability. A must-have for any gourmet camp kitchen.

Shop our Camp Kitchen selection for more ideas, and watch the video below for some inspiration from the BBQ Pit Boys on deep frying your turkey. And remember, always wear your camo and/or denim when deep frying a turkey, and don’t forget the excessive manly handshakes and cackles (see at 1:33 in the video).

When done, your turkey should look like this (photo by Mot the barber/flickr):

And if all else fails, hit up your stash of Backpacker’s Pantry.

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