4/19 Angora Peak – Halls of the Gods

After my first trip up to the Angora Peak area a couple of weeks ago the Halls of the Gods couloir jumped up to the top of my to do list. This time the gate was open and we were able to park about 2.5 miles closer than last time, making the approach and exit much more enjoyable. This time we approached from the bottom and set a bootpack up the Mini Halls Couloir, getting us to the top of the Angora-Echo ridge just a few yards from the top of Halls of the Gods. We topped out at about 11:45, which turned out to be perfect timing because the couloir itself is sheltered from the sun by Indian Rock until around this time of day. After lounging on the summit for a few minutes the couloir looked ready to go. We decided the center entrance looked the best although the skiers left entrance was skiable as well. The top 1/3 was perfect corn while the snow in the middle 1/3 was pretty rotten and manky due to it being very narrow and close to warm rocks. The bottom 1/3 below the choke was great corn snow again.  Another great day in the Tahoe backcountry!

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