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Terms & Conditions

WARNING: Outdoor recreational activities are by their very nature potentially hazardous. All participants in such activities must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety.

The information contained on this website cannot replace sound judgment and good decision-making skills, which help reduce risk exposure, nor does the scope of this website allow for disclosure of all the potential hazards and risks involved in such activities.

You should not depend on information contained on the TahoeMoutainSports.com website for your own personal safety. Your success at any of the activities described herein is based on your own judgment, experience and sometimes luck!

There are no warranties either expressed or implied, that information found on the TahoeMountainSports.com website contains accurate and reliable information. Your use of the information found herein indicates your assumption of the risk and is an acknowledgement of your own safe responsibility for your outdoor safety.

Please, learn and understand as much as possible about the outdoor recreational activities in which you participate, prepare for the unexpected and be cautious, it can get dangerous. The reward will be a safer and more enjoyable experience. Rock On!!!!