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Rose Knob

Skiing Rose Knob

An open face with great views and easy access - a North Lake Tahoe backcountry classic

Mount Rose Knob is the peak behind Incline Village with a steep, wide open, inviting face that can offer great corn and powder, but demands caution - the steep face and gullies are also prime avalanche terrain. Having chosen the right day and taken the proper precautions, you can enjoy terrific views of Lake Tahoe on the way to the peak, where you can also survey the mountains and lakes to the northwest toward Truckee.

To get there, take Mt. Rose Highway (431) out of Incline and go left on Marlette. Go right on Jennifer and drive until the end. There are usually boot and skin tracks on this popular hike taking you up the ridge facing the lake and on to the peak, which offers several descent options.

The main face can provide perfect corn in open areas - it is advised to avoid the drainage area towards skier's left of the face and stay high on the ridge towards the bottom to avoid being forced to hike back to your car. It is often a good idea to try to follow your ascent route once you have reached the bottom part of the descent to avoid going to far and having to hike back up to the car. You can also head towards Rifle Peak and ski the lake-facing side of this ridge to the west of Rose Knob, which offers some wide open faces and areas with trees at lower elevations. These areas are also carry avalanche hazard and require appropriate caution. But on the right day skiing Mount Rose Knob, you are sure to enjoy the views and the turns this quick outing provides.

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