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In 2010, ZEMgear burst onto the footwear scene with innovative and award winning active lifestyle products designed to help you find your "ZONE OF ENDLESS MOTION". Created by the celebrated design team of Christina Bracken, ZEM branded Footwear allows your feet to do what they were designed to do naturally. ZEMs allow your feet to be as natural as possible which heightens awareness and helps posture, balance and agility, while protecting your feet from the elements.

ZEM or the ZONE of ENDLESS MOTION defines a space "where anything is possible" – where you can be "ZEMsational"! Be any age, any stage, on land, in water, supremely active or serenely still.

Commitment to responsible use and conservation of resources guides ZEMgear's product innovation and set the precedence to "not use" whenever possible, resulting in low-impact design and packaging, manufacturing, distribution, shipping and display practices.

One of the Distinguishing Features of ZEM footwear is the SPLIT TOE CONCEPT. Separating the BIG TOE – the forward propulsion digit from your other, balancing digits, creates the secure but agile WOW feel customers love about ZEMs. A split toe pattern naturally re-aligns often deformed Phalanges in the foot – creating a supinatory effect (countering pronation). This helps lift the arch naturally and can lead to better balance, posture and to the overall well-being of an active lifestyle. Round Toe Knowing that not everyone is comfortable with a split toe pattern, ZEMgear also offer many round toe styles with a roomy toe box allowing feet to splay as wide and flexible as possible.

ZEMGear Terra XT Minimalist Shoes - Men's ZEMGear Terra XT Minimalist Shoes - Men's
Sale Price 35.96
ZEMGear Terra XT Minimalist Shoes - Women's ZEMGear Terra XT Minimalist Shoes - Women's
Sale Price 35.96
ZEMGear Oxygen 2 Round Toe Water Shoes ZEMGear Oxygen 2 Round Toe Water Shoes
Sale Price 25.96

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