Alpine & Touring Skis

We've got the best backcountry skis, AT skis, all-mountain skis and powder skis for your winter riding pleasure. Black Diamond continues to expand their line, with skis like the Black Diamond AMPerage and Carbon Megawatt Skis. K2 Skis has also expanded their line of backcountry and sidecountry skis; the K2 Annex 108 and women's Superbright 102 Skis are great freeride skis. Dynafit also continues to progress backcountry technology with lightweight touring skis, and Volkl Skis recently added a few more top-grade planks to their lineup, like the V-Werks Katana and the Nanuq Skis. Don't forget a pair of climbing skins for the uphill!

Dynafit Huascaran Skis Dynafit Huascaran Skis
Sale Price 619.95
Volkl V-Werks Katana Skis Volkl V-Werks Katana Skis
Volkl Nanuq Skis Volkl Nanuq Skis
Sale Price 559.16
Black Diamond Justice Ski Black Diamond Justice Ski
Sale Price 349.95
K2 SideStash Ski K2 SideStash Ski
Sale Price 399.95
Black Diamond Carbon Megawatt Skis Black Diamond Carbon Megawatt Skis
Sale Price 599.95
Volkl Mantra Skis Volkl Mantra Skis
Sale Price 594.10
Sale Price 519.95
Volkl Katana Skis Volkl Katana Skis
Sale Price 589.95
Blizzard Kabookie Skis Blizzard Kabookie Skis
Sale Price 519.95
K2 Backdrop Skis K2 Backdrop Skis
Sale Price 519.95
Blizzard Scout Skis Blizzard Scout Skis
Sale Price 599.95
K2 Sidekick Skis - Women's K2 Sidekick Skis - Women's
Sale Price 399.96
K2 Talkback Skis - Women's K2 Talkback Skis - Women's
Sale Price 599.95
Volkl One Skis Volkl One Skis
Sale Price 519.95
Black Diamond Verdict Ski Black Diamond Verdict Ski
Sale Price 548.95
Volkl Aura Skis - Women's Volkl Aura Skis - Women's
Sale Price 559.16
Salomon Rocker 2 Skis - 108mm Salomon Rocker 2 Skis - 108mm
Sale Price 489.95
Salomon Q-115 Skis Salomon Q-115 Skis
Sale Price 499.95
K2 Annex Skis 108 K2 Annex Skis 108
Sale Price 599.95
K2 Superbright 102 Skis - Women's K2 Superbright 102 Skis - Women's
Sale Price 519.95
Salomon Q-103 Stella Skis - Women's Salomon Q-103 Stella Skis - Women's
Sale Price 518.95
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