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Want to go Backcountry Skiing in California but not sure where to go? The New Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes California guidebook by Tahoe based professional skier and author Jeremy Benson is a handy place to start.
The North Face Summit Series is a tight collection focused on using the best technology and materials to make the world's finest alpine equipment for climbers, mountaineers, and backcountry skiers.
Whether you are looking to learn about avalanches, get stoked for winter, touch the newest gear or try out an avalanche airbag backpack, the Tahoe Mountain Sports Master the Mountain Avalanche Education Workshops will do all of that and more!  

About Us

At TMS we're all about our community, environment and our customers. We're a community driven, family owned and operated local business based in Truckee, California, a small town filled with great adventures. At Tahoe Mountain Sports, gear isn’t just something we sell, it's our passion, our hobby and our livelihood.

We don't just want to sell you a backpack, we want to educate you about your newest outdoor passion and hey, if your newest thing includes a quality backpack, then we'll help you get the right one for you. You can't get to desolation wilderness without quality gear, education and help from a few guys or girls who have been there.